Nicole Henrich

Lives in Mckinney TX with Hubby & 2 teenage boys and 2 boxers. Loves Helping others & is Certified in Aromatouch. Favorite Oil is Citrus Bliss! 

Kari Loth

Kari Lives in Mckinney TX with hubby and 3 kids, dog, cats & birds. Loves the lake & favorite oil is Frankincense.

Fran Johnson

Lives in Allen, TX with 3 kiddos & a boxer, named Bella! She is a licensed Cosmetologist doing essential oil facials and is  also certified in Aromatouch massage. Her favorite oils are Frankincense and Balance.  She enjoys Baking and Boxing in her spare time.

Bozeman & Denver

Windy Johnson

Lives in Bozeman MT with 3 boys & 2 white labs! . Loves Skiing & aromatherapy is her passion. Her Favorite Oil is Jasmine. 

Nichol Fitzsimmons

Lives in Denver CO with 2 babies & black lab!  Loves the outdoors, children and DIY projects. Her favorite oil is Lavender!

Sarah Bassinger-Bryant

Lives in Boulder CO with her hubby. Loves theatre & Opera & Kombucha. Her favorite oil is Digest Zen.


Lisa Gonzalez

Lives in Bellville TX with her husband and has two sons.  Has a Black Lab & a harper dog (who knows what mix). She loves Vegan cooking & her favorite oil is Cheer!

Theresa Hurlburt

Lives in the Energy Corridor of Houston TX. Has a son who is a teacher. Loves Movies &good wine. Her favorite oil is Peppermint.

Susan B Malone

Lives in Galleria area of Houston TX with husband and 2 sons and barking dog futbol. Is a Vegan specialist & her favorite oil is Breathe.


Kathy Acuna

I am loving Spearmint during the day and Serenity at night right now.  My dog Bentley is my constant shadow. My favorite quote is "Every Day is Good Day". I have three grown sons, 3 lovely daughter-n-laws and 5 grandkids along with my husband to make my life complete.

Lee Hwang

Lives in SW Houston TX. Loves helping others & meditation. Her favorite oil is Myrrh. 

Veronica Henderson

Lives in Kingwood TX. Is going to college, loves photography & the Astros.  Has a husky pup & her favorite oil is Lavender